adidas Originals x Zalando
My Supercourt, My Story

We live in a world where we constantly document our lives through our phones.
From our food, to our outfits, manicures and nights out.

Living every moment through the lens of your phone comes at a cost.
Whilst we're plugged in we're missing the richness of every moment and there's a
growing awareness of this amongst the audience we wanted to speak to.

Our creative was cemented in the need for us to “go offline” to reconnect
with a life experienced without the need for @’s or #’s.

Role on project:
Lead Creative on the Concept creation & development.
Author of the Manifesto.


We gotta detox to retox
Switch off
To switch on
Phones down
Hands free
We’re free to be
Out there
We walk that walk
We do more stuff
We make every step count
Our sneakers tell our story.


Senior Creatives - Louise Canham, Luke Atcheson, Vivian Schwab
Strategy - Apollonia Gardener
Director - Sergi Castella
Photographer - Brett Lloyd
Louise Canham Creative - Copyright 2023